JUUL Fruit Pods



On the off chance that an awesome fruity flavor seems like something that you would appreciate, at that point, JUUL Pods Fruit will absolutely convey. These pods offer the sweet taste of grapes, peaches, and berries which are joined with the delicious kind of homegrown notes, making a genuinely unique flavor. The flavor is suggestive of the new collection of summer’s abundance and the perfection of the salt e-fluid is such a lovely encounter. These cases join a fantastic surge of nicotine joined with the enticing kind of new organic product.

Key Details of the JUUL Pod Fruit

A bundle of four premium-quality JUUL salt e-fluid cases in a tempting natural product flavor

Each case is pre-loaded up with 0.7 ml of e-fluid nicotine salt, which contains 5% nicotine by weight

Each case conveys roughly 200 puffs

About JUUL Pods

All JUUL Salts e-fluids are made with an exclusive mix of regular oils, separates, flavors, glycerol, propylene glycol, benzoic corrosive, and nicotine. The fixings have been hand-chosen by a group of researchers to convey a fantastic encounter when joined with cutting edge temperature-controlled fume innovation. JUUL truly gives an exceptional vaping experience, and their Fruit Medley Pod Refills conveys a refreshingly fruity flavor that you’ll make certain to cherish.



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